Wesearch is a podcast and passion project that is currently a work in progress.

We talk to researchers to find out what gets them excited about learning and make understanding research fun!

Wesearch really started because I realized that the older I get, the more I’m acutely aware that being able to read and understand research is such an important skill and is so easy to mess up! I want to connect people with 1) good summaries of it and 2) conversations with the researchers on their conclusions and methods.

I’ve been sitting on an idea for doing this for a while. I want to create content that makes huge (and tbh boring to read) published studies more accessible to non-researchers without specialized knowledge. We all benefit from research, so we deserve an opportunity to understand it too!

I found a special place in my heart for researching and designing infographics, and I want to be able to do more of them but make them something that anyone can find and use! I’m a designer (aka not a scientist), but I want to make learning better!


Are you a researcher who is passionate about the work that you do? Interested in talking about your research and what gets you excited to do it? Have something to share about what you wish everyday people would know about your work? Just want to talk about how excited you are about learning with someone equally excited about learning? Then you should fill out this form!