This poster was designed to advertise a gallery opening for the collected works of AIGA Medalist, Elaine Lustig Cohen. It drew from her iconic design style that integrated European avant-garde and modernist elements into American design. By using strong lines accompanied by an image of her, a strong composition was created.



Elaine Lustig Cohen was the 32nd woman to win the AIGA medal, and only 18% of award winners are women. When she was honored with highest award in the graphic design field in 2011, Elaine Lustig Cohen was recognized for her impact on the development of American design as well as being a trailblazer for women in design.

Her career began after the death of her husband, Alvin Lustig, when she took over his design firm, despite having no formal design. She was active in the field of design until the 1960s, when she decided to pursue fine arts. In 2006, she created a series of prints to commemorate her career in graphic design


A majority of the design process behind this composition was through trial and error based around ideas laid out in rough sketches. After deciding on an image of Elaine herself, elements of her work were brought in to support her minimal, modernist style that she was known for at the height of her career. Composing the type at an angle reenforced the diagonal lines that her image and the line element created.