Week 08

Week 08: Mar 4 - 10

  • Worked with Katy at Coffee Emporium again bc Monday

    • Reworked 3 pages of copy

    • Using framework of presentation to work on tone and how I’m organizing my copy

  • Met with Sean

    • Just start designing and use current copy as placeholder

    • Use copy and structure from presentation to structure book

    • Use icon system and aesthetics of presentation to move forward

    • To talk about outreach, is it a tiny infographic on my poster on how i want my info to spread? Or is it a business card that says that i do class/group presentations and discussions?

  • Revised copy more

  • Kicked myself for not using PubMed for research until today

    • It’s so helpful? I hate myself for forgetting about actual good academic resources

  • Started reading From Here to Eternity about funeral and grief rituals again because I want a greater variety of rituals to make a point that you can do whatever you want to feel better about shit

    • Also it’s a very good book and i read it before i started really researching this and wanted to take some notes

    • Boy howdy didn’t realized how biased it is against typical funerals though, especially after talking to a lot of people that are involved in the traditional funeral industry

    • Like actually putting in misinformation about cremation even though she is an experienced crematory operator like girl i took the same training as you and this is wrong

    • Finished on Sunday, was kind of helpful and good to read when I was taking a little time off from working while on my frat retreat

    • Inspirational in the way that it was fairly approachable and a friendly read and admitted that wasn’t an end all be all guide and there’s plenty more resources out there so it made me feel better about the range of content that I have

    • Got a good 5+ pages of relevant notes/facts that I should make sure I mention as important leading into different sections because it validates them in a way I wasn’t doing before